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Volvo introduces first pedestrian airbag

Volvo, which already has the reputation for safety, has designed a pedestrian airbag that is scheduled to be introduced in their new V40.  The airbag is located under the back of the hood in the wiper recess.  Multiple sensors are designed to detect something the shape and size of a human.  When one is detected, and it appears that a collision will occur, a U-shaped airbag is deployed over the windshield.  At the same time, the back of the hood is raised approximately 4 inches.  The driver should still be able to see out of the windshield while protecting the pedestrian from striking the windshield.  Since serious injury or death can occur when a person’s head strikes the windshield or something solid under the hood, it makes sense for Volvo to place the airbag at this position.  The airbag would shield part of the windshield while the raised hood should soften any blow to the hood.  Hopefully this will reduce serious brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and deaths.

According to Volvo, 12% of all car accident fatalities in the U.S. are pedestrian related.  This number is not a surprise to personal injury lawyers who handle the serious injury and wrongful death cases associated with traffic accidents.  Volvo hopes to decrease this number with their new system.  The system is designed to work at speeds of approximately 10 to 30 mph, since Volvo has determined that most individuals hit by cars occur during these speeds.

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