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Proper supervision is the key to reducing child drownings

Unfortunately, drowning is a common cause of death in young children.  In fact, it is the leading cause of death among children age 1-4 according to MUSC Health (suffocation is the leading cause for children under the age of 1).  Most drownings occur due to lack of supervision.  It only takes a moment for a child to fall victim to a dangerous situation.  The younger the child, the more vulnerable he or she is to injury or death due to lack of supervision or safety precautions by caregivers.   CPR and other life saving techniques can help save a child, but it is best to avoid the dangerous situation with proper supervision.  The best way to protect children from drowning is to teach children to swim at an early age, teach them to respect the water, and have proper supervision while they swim.

In situations where a child has drowned due to lack of proper supervision, it is very difficult for parents to cope with the aftermath.  There may be legal paths that can and should be taken.  However, the pure turmoil this causes may make it very challenging to get the help that is necessary.   A wrongful death attorney who is sensitive to your situation and needs can help you understand what recourse is available to you while helping you cope with the loss.  Should you find yourself or know someone in this situation, have them contact a wrongful death attorney as soon as they are reasonably able.


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