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Dog Bite Injuries

South Carolina Dog Bite Injury Attorney

Lawyer dog attack SCA dog attack can be a very unexpected and frightening experience.  It can cause serious injuries or even death.  Not only can these bites cause serious physical injuries and scarring, but many people have post-traumatic stress associated with the attack.   Tragically, many dog bite victims are children, and these innocent injured parties often must go through grueling surgeries and therapy.  Many of them have permanent physical and mental scars from the attack. Pet owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets do not inflict harm on others.  Under South Carolina law, a dog owner is usually responsible to the victim for their injuries.

At the Drescher Law Firm, we understand and are experienced with dog bite cases.  We have worked with surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, plastic surgeons, and physical therapists in helping clients overcome the injuries received from dog bites.

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