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Personal Injury Law and Prevention: Five Causes of Car Fires in Charleston and Ways to Prevent These Tragedies

South Carolina is still in mourning after four young University of South Carolina Athletes died in a car accident involving a fire. According to Fox 8 News, the accident occurred early Sunday morning, at around 1:45 a.m., near Interstate 85. The students were close to campus when the accident took place. USC’s Chancellor wrote to the campus community, remarking that “there are no words to describe this loss . . . and no way to comfort the grieving families.”

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Personal injury lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina know that accidents involving car fires often result in more serious injuries and death than accidents that don’t involve fires. So, what causes a car fire—and how can these deadly and dangerous accidents be prevented? Here are five factors leading to car fires and five way to prevent these tragedies.

  1. Improper Maintenance. Leaky seals and damaged wiring can pose a fire hazard if left unrepaired. An engine with a faulty gasket may leak flammable fluids. All it takes is one spark to light the car. The forces generated even in a small accident could result in a fire in a poorly-maintained car. The best way to prevent car fires is to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Poor design. Some design flaws can create conditions where fires are more likely. While many cars are recalled before these hazards lead to deaths and injuries, not all car owners may be aware of recalls. It is important to note that every car manufacturer has recalled a vehicle at one point or another due to a fire hazard. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to make sure your model vehicle isn’t subject to a recall.
  3. This goes back to proper vehicle maintenance. If your engine keeps going into the red, it might be time to get your car tuned up or repaired. An overheating engine should never be ignored. The high temperatures produced can lead to fires.
  4. Problems with electrical wiring. Electrical wires run through the entire body of your car. One frayed wire can lead to a fire. Car batteries also pose a problem. They go through charging cycles that can lead to a build up of explosive gas. It is important to note any electrical issues and get them looked at and to replace your battery in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Leaks in the fuel system. Gasoline is one of the most flammable liquids in your car. Even gas at temperatures as low as 45 degrees can light on fire. Fuel system leaks can be difficult to detect. The best way to prevent fuel leaks that can lead to fires is to make sure that you take your car in for regular maintenance. The smell of fuel on your car at any point should be a big red flag.

Car fires can be deadly and devastating. The Drescher Law Firm, L.L.C. has specialized in personal injury law for over 18 years. Our firm focuses primarily on serious personal injury and wrongful death. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, contact us today for a free, initial consultation. We only get paid if you win.

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