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Low Car Accident Insurance Settlement? When to Find an Attorney

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident with personal property damage and personal injuries, you may be planning to speak to, or have already spoken to, a car accident insurance claims adjuster. The adjuster’s job is to review your case, determine the value of your claim, and ensure that you are compensated for the damages. Once your adjuster reviews your claims, you will receive a settlement offer, usually in the form of a letter, explaining how much the insurance will pay for your claim.

Yet, many individuals often find themselves at a loss when they receive these offers. In some cases, the offer won’t cover all medical expenses, or repairs to damaged property. Individuals sometimes face having to pay out of pocket to cover expenses related to medical care, missed time and work, and other damages.

Fortunately, adjusters often are in a position to negotiate settlement offers, and in some cases, adjusters will make low estimates in the hope that individuals will be satisfied with a lower settlement. Some insurance adjusters may even deny the liability claim, outright.

Before fighting for a higher settlement, individuals should take the time to record and review all relevant expenses relating to the car accident. These expenses should include a calculation of repairs, medical bills, money lost due to time missed at work, and the projected costs of long-term care and future missed work opportunities. Next, individuals should take the time to review their insurance policies. Some policies have limits on the amount of money you can recover. Is the insurance company offering you the upper limit of what your policy allows? If you still believe you deserve more money, you can write a letter to the insurance adjuster rejecting the initial offer and asking for an amount that better compensates you given your calculated expenses. Making sure to include all relevant facts and strong points that support your case will make it more likely that your claim will be taken seriously.

Sometimes policies can be riddled with fine print. If you’re not sure about the coverage your policy provides, hiring a personal injury lawyer may be a good idea. Your lawyer can review the details of your policy. If your policy doesn’t cover the full extent of your damages or personal injury expenses, your lawyer may be able to find other ways to ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries, including taking the other driver to court in order to establish negligence. A personal injury lawyer can also review the relevant facts of your case to establish negligence or make your case stronger.

Additionally, you should consider speaking to an attorney if the amounts you are entitled to are high, or if you are seeking damages for future medical expenses or future lost wages. An attorney can work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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