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It’s Back-to-School Time: Laws of the Road You Need to Know

Students head back to school in August in Charleston, South Carolina. This means it’s time to hit the books. It’s also time for drivers to brush up on important school zone traffic laws.

According to Live 5 WCSC and the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, over 23 million students ride school buses. The most dangerous times for students are when they are entering or exiting the school bus. In order to protect students, South Carolina has put in place some very important laws.

Back side of a yellow school bus

When a school bus is stopped on a two-lane highway with no median, traffic moving in both directions is required to stop. If a school bus stops on a four-lane highway with a median, traffic going in the direction of the bus is required to stop, but traffic going in the opposite direction on the other side of the median is not required to stop. Most school buses have stop signs attached to the side of the bus, but even if no sign is present, drivers are still required to stop if a school bus is stopped.

Violators face high penalties for breaking the law. Some school districts have gone as far as to equip school buses with cameras to catch offenders. Drivers who disobey school bus laws place children at risk of serious accidents and injuries.

Drivers who have grown accustomed to speeding through school zones, will have to adjust their driving habits now that school is back in session. School zone times typically run from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday through Fridays. School zones are particularly dangerous for children because these are the areas where children are dropped off by school buses. These areas see higher volumes of children crossing the street or waiting on the side of the road for pick-up. School zone slow-downs are designed to protect children who cross the street and who are waiting for buses or parents. Speed limits for school zones can range depending on whether the school zone is located in a rural area or within the city. Sizes of the school zone also vary depending on the size of the school and traffic patterns around the school.

Drivers are encouraged to pay attention to signage and to the presence of children. Drivers should also be aware of crosswalks and bus stops. Careful driving, slowing down, and understanding school zone and bus laws are all ways drivers can make sure kids stay safe during the early transition weeks of the school year.

According to the South Carolina Office of Public Health, in 2010, 101 pedestrians were injured on South Carolina’s roads. Unfortunately, victims of these injuries often face long recoveries and may require extensive medical care. The hope is that this year fewer pedestrians will be injured on South Carolina roads. For victims of these accidents, the Drescher Law Firm, L.L.C. is a firm of injury lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, fighting for the rights of accident victims and their families.





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