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Personal Injury FAQs

Should I handle my own case?

Many people prefer not to hire an attorney unless one is absolutely necessary.  While this is a commendable stand to take, it is not always in your best interest.  Insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests.  They are big corporations with lots of resources who are concerned with paying you as little as possible.  A good personal injury attorney will assist you in maximizing your recovery.  Hiring an attorney who has skill, knowledge, and experience, both in trials and negotiations, will help you protect your interests in obtaining the recovery you deserve.

How do I choose the right attorney?

Be sure the attorney you hire is very experienced in personal injury law.  At the Drescher Law Firm, LLC, we represent people who are seriously injured in accidents.  We believe that the cases we have won, both in trial and at settlements, demonstrate that our firm works aggressively for our clients to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Will my consultation be free?

Yes.  We offer all potential clients a free initial consultation.

Can someone come out to my house, see me in the hospital, or meet with me somewhere other than downtown Charleston?

Yes.  If you cannot or do not wish to come to our office in downtown Charleston, we will come to you.

How do I pay for my legal fees?

Most of our cases are taken on a contingency fee basis.  This means that if there is no recovery, there is no legal fee.  Contingency fees are calculated before deducting expenses.

How do I pay for expenses of the case?

In most cases, the Drescher Law Firm, LLC will advance the expenses of the case, and we will be paid back by you when there is a recovery.

How much is my case worth?

The value of each case is different and must be evaluated separately.  You must know that there is never a guarantee of any recovery.

How will you decide whether you will take my case?

We look at many cases, and unfortunately, we are not able to help all of the people who ask for and need our help.  We look at each case individually as it comes into the firm.  If we believe that we can be of service to you, we will take your case.  Sometimes, if we are unable to help you, we know of other attorneys who can help, and we will be more than happy to refer you to them.

How long do I have to pursue my case?

There are statutes of limitations in the state of South Carolina that determine how long an individual or their estate has to either file suit or settle the case.  If you do not file suit in time, the statute of limitations may prevent any recovery of your potential claim.  These statutes of limitation vary depending on what type of case you have.  You should consult an attorney immediately to determine when your case must be settled or filed with the court.

How long will it take for my case to be settled?

All cases are different.  Settlements vary depending on the facts, which insurance company is involved, and even which adjuster is assigned to your case.


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